We are active in different fields: 

Classes: Nooruse Maja provides language classes, handicraft and art classes, danse classes, computer classes... Some of the classes are charged some are for free.

Festivals: We organize several festivals and events; our main event is the Estonian Linedance festival in July however we also have other events depending on what people ask us to organize, such as Porcelain days or students “100 days” night, French speaking day, Onlinedance Festival and many others!

European and International projects: Nooruse Maja is taking part in several European / International projects such as EVS (European voluntary service), GRUNDTVIG (continuous learning program for adults and elderly people) or Youth in Action, Erasmus+ youthworkers mobility projects, Youth exchange projects and many others.



Nooruse Maja was built in 1935 as a clubhouse by Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus. Unfortunately the continuous activity broke off at the time of the soviet period, but when the NGO Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus was re-established in 1998 then the city government of Pärnu accepted the movement and despite of the break of legal regularity it gave the building for Youth Organization to manage in January 2000.

For today, close to thousand people has gathered under the roof of Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus, to participate in different organizations, clubs, NGOs and associations to spend their free time, to educate themselves and to live a club life.


Objectives and Ideals:

We truly want to be a house of continuous learning and cultural opening for all generations. In our house we had classes to learn painting on porcelain, painting on silk, painting on glass, painting, playing harmonica, making laces, patch work, sewing, line dance, line dance in wheelchair, society dance, ballroom dance, folk-dance, free-style dance, salsa dance, zumba, acting, singing, folklore and languages such as Finnish, French, Italian, Spanish, English and others. All activities are continuous and growing, we offer more and more different courses every year. All of the rooms are used by children, youth, adults and pensioners. It is important for us that on the one hand, children and teenagers can learn new things, broaden their horizons and on the other hand, we are happy to welcome seniors, because we think it is never too late to learn.

We also truly believe in volunteer work, and helping communities. Indeed we are welcoming volunteers for any kind of event we are organizing especially festivals and we are involved in the European Voluntary Service (EVS – Youth in Action program – EU) and in senior voluntary program (EU program too). Furthermore we also work in collaboration with Pärnu county's volunteer centre in order to promote volunteer work.

One of our objective is also to develop European and worldwide networking. Indeed we have participated in project that involved most of the country of European Union we hosted two young European volunteers from France, and a group of senior volunteers from Cyprus, we have had projects in several European countries and even one in Uganda.


Future Plans and expectations:

We are always looking for new activities to offer in our house, we try to take benefits from all the new people we can work with and to change our activities in order to adapt ourselves to our public. We follow the trends of the moments but also the wishes of the visitors of our house, as far as it is possible.

We also participate in a lot of European, and Euro-Mediterranean projects in order to create international culture-sharing, and we want to keep on participating to these international projects, as long as they are realistic for us and adapted to us.