Pärnu Folk University of Nooruse Maja is a part of Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus  and it was founded in 2004. The idea to create Pärnu Folk University came from study circles functioning in Nooruse Maja.

Academic year in Pärnu Folk University begins in September and we try to offer at least one new course addition to all courses in every term. People can learn here different languages, cultures, psychology, handicraft, art. In October 2006 we started with ADP -courses and these are most popular courses beside Finnish language courses today. In the future here will be many other courses like history, management, economics etc. In Pärnu Rahvaülikool people can acquire lot of skills and knowledge. Pärnu Folk University has in a very short time produced a many-sided educational  programme supply.

Nowadays lifelong learning has become popular because of the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge and raise competency through the learning, change the habits of behaviour to become more competent in labour market.

Nooruse Maja has participated as a partner in many international projects, like Handiscola – Handicraft is common language, FinEstDen – computer skills project and MemTra – recording different memories and traditions, TraVeL AGEnts - "Over 55s without frontiers” networks, MATES - Mainstreaming Intergenerational Solidarity.

Since 2014 we have organized Erasmus+ Youthworkers mobility projects 

2014 - A step forward

2015 - Restart the game, Learning by moving and Dance and share Estonia France

2016 - Youth exchanges for newcomers and Intercultural dialogue Restarted Lebanon 


Welcome to Nooruse Maja and Pärnu Folk University!